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Hydroxyapatite Toothpaste for Kids by Pearl Paste

Hydroxyapatite Toothpaste for Kids by Pearl Paste

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  • Helps natural tooth remineralization
  • Aids in enamel whitening
  • Reduces hypersensitivity and repair micro lesions.
  • Provides calcium and phosphate ions to improve overall teeth health


  • Reduces tissue inflammation
  • Reduces gum irritation, redness and recession
  • Repairs oral mucosa
  • Increased wound healing
  • Reduced gum and tooth sensitivity 
  • Improved oral microbiome 
  • Improves bad breath 

Listen to what other mouths are saying...

Switching to Pearl Paste is one of the best decisions we made this year. Our kids have always been picky about toothpaste. We finally found a flavor they tolerated but it was discontinued after a couple years. Bedtime turned into screaming kids that were spitting toothpaste at us. I was desperate to find something that would provide great oral care, but also be tolerated by my kids.That’s when we heard about Pearl Paste. The first night we tried it out there was ZERO screaming. All three of my little toothbrushers loved it! We’ve been using it exclusively for a few months now and I can’t imagine using any other toothpaste!My little boy calls it “candy”, but I love that I don’t have to worry about him accidentally swallowing it because of its postbiotics and healthy ingredients.I also have a daughter with severe disabilities. She can’t use her tongue to clean off her teeth—which is necessary for enamel health. No matter how often we brush with fluoride and floss her teeth, she is always at risk of enamel damage.We are constantly at the dentist trying to find solutions to protect her enamel. I am cautious about trying newer things—especially on my kids. So I did some research on my own and was so relieved to find studies that show hydroxyapatite to be just as effective at protecting enamel as fluoride. We love Pearl Paste!

Can't get enough of this toothpaste! I have kids from ages 1-9 and I love that if any of them accidentally swallow it I'm not concerned. But the biggest reason we love it is the flavor! Every single one of my kids likes it and for the first time ever not one of them fought me about brushing, not once throughout the entire tube of toothpaste!

Customer Reviews

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Nic Nash
Great product

My kids loved the flavor and their teeth looked shiny clean after brushing with pearl paste. Best part is not having to help them put the tooth paste on their toothbrushes! I highly recommend this product and will be continuing to use for my kids.

Best Tasting Kids Toothpaste

My two boys (6yo and 4yo) love this easy to use toothpaste! They enjoy being able to squeeze their own toothpaste that is “messy free” and the LOVE the flavor! And us as parents really appreciate the natural Hydroxyapatite, fluoride- free paste!

Kid & Parent Fan favorite

My kids love the taste, I love the ingredients! Functional and beautiful packaging, safe and effective toothpaste!

Lee Henrikson
39 Strawberries!!!

Been waiting for a toothpaste my 4 year old actually likes using. First time trying it, the immediate response was "Taste like 39 strawberries Dad!" Not only that, our last dentist visit showed zero cavities. Great product, Highly Recommend.

Erika Cline
Love this toothpaste!

I'm absolutely thrilled with this toothpaste! Despite being quite picky about toothpaste, Pearl Paste captured my heart right away. The strawberry flavor is truly delightful, and its charm goes beyond just taste. By incorporating Hydroxyapatite, a dental superhero, it strengthens teeth and contributes to excellent oral health. I highly recommend this toothpaste!